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Pixabay is a platform that provides its users with images and videos that are free of copyrights. Anyone who seeks to produce creative content should check out pixabay. The videos and images from pixabay are completely safe to use without risk of a law suit because the content on pixabay is released under CCO (Creative Commons).

The CCO allows you to use any video or image without giving credit to the original artist. If you struggle with creativity or coming up with your own unique videos and images, then pixabay will save you a lot of time. You can use the content you obtain from pixabay for personal or commercial purposes without any legal implications.

The pixabay community was founded in the year 2010 and its headquarters are in Neu-Ulm Germany. It has users from different regions in the world including the United States, Europe, Africa, Canada, and Asia.

Pixabay content can be used in almost all industries. Its features and functionalities make it useful in information technology, marketing, entertainment, food and nutrition, fashion, health wellness and fitness, military, and technology.



Pixabay's licensing is great because it gives its users the right to use the images, videos, and music on the platform for their businesses or leisure for free.

As a member of the pixabay community, you are free from copyright infringement when you use the content on the platform.


The images and graphics provided on pixabay are of high quality and definition. Most platforms that provide free images offer low quality images to the users, unlike pixabay.

The music obtained on pixabay is also of high quality audios and visuals.


The tools provided on pixabay are incredibly efficient to the users. The search tool for starters allows you to quickly find whatever image, music, or video you are looking for on the platform.

Pixabay also provides tools for proofing images and editing them to your preference as well. This allows you to explore your creative side by adjusting the images to suit your brand or business.


  • The high quality images, videos, and music provided on pixabay will leave you impressed. You can use the high quality content for websites, blogs, and social media.
  • Freedom from copyright breach is another reason why you should consider pixabay. Other platforms will require you to pay a hefty fee to gain access to high quality images and videos. With pixabay, you do not need to worry about any of that thanks to its unique license.
  • The pixabay platform is very user friendly. You can navigate the platform easily as you search for images and edit them.


  • Pixabay may fail to provide specific stock images that the user requires. Most of the stock images contained on pixabay are generic and may therefore be unideal for a user in need of specific images.
  • The tagging of photos on pixabay may be inaccurate at times. Some users have complained of searching for professional images like meetings only to end up with tagged photos of unrelated things like cats.
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